StoreFront 2.0 Cannot complete your request

It looks like every time I use StoreFront I run into something, usually my own fault. Just like this time, and I forgot the create the correct Certificate Chain. I googled and viewed through the inline forums, but I did not see this fix for it..

Version Info

  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • StoreFront 2.0


If you run into the error “Cannot complete your request” when you connect to the StoreWeb, and in the log files you see:



The solution was simple and I even got a friendly Reminder from IIS saying I should fix it.. I used a self signed certificate from my own CA root server (not running on this box). When I imported it in IIS I got the message that I could not complete the certificate chain, and that I should upload the root certificate. After reading blogs for some time this poped back in my head and after uploading my CAs root certificate in the Computer Trusted Root Certification Authorities all worked instantly! (I added in the personal Trusted Root Certification Authorities as well just to be sure).

So a dumb mistake from my side not finishing the cert part decently in the first place.

Maybe it helps one or two of you! đŸ™‚






  • Darren Kimber 6 November 2013

    Hi matthijs,

    Thanks for this. It wasn’t our exact issue but it helped us in the right direction. We found the internal CA cert we created direct from IIS had a incorrect name. We recreated the cert, restarted IIS and it all started to work.


  • Justin 6 November 2013

    Which log file is that?

    • matthijs 28 November 2013

      Sorry for the late response, this is the StoreFront log on the Citrix StoreFront server.

      From Citrix site the exact location: Any events that are generated are written to the StoreFront application log, which can be viewed using Event Viewer under either Application and Services Logs > Citrix Delivery Services or Windows Logs > Application.

  • Junaid Yaseen 15 November 2013

    Thanks. Yes It did help me.


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